5 Cannabis Podcasts Recommended By A Venture Capitalist

By Adam Pope, Analyst, Canopy Rivers Inc.

Keeping your finger on the pulse of the ever-evolving cannabis industry is difficult, but not impossible. While reading articles and reports are important, podcasts are a great way to digest news and topic-focused stories during your daily commute. It’s crucial to get your information from the right sources, and in my opinion, the most actionable insights come from the entrepreneurs, investors, and policy makers that shape the industry.

Here are my recommendations for the top five podcasts in cannabis:

1.     Investing In Cannabis 

Investing in Cannabis tells the stories of founders and investors in the legal cannabis industry. Boasting over 120 episodes, the popular podcast’s host Brandon David leans on his extensive experience as a founder and advisor to initiate meaningful conversations with leaders in the space. Past guests include Adam Grossman of Papa & Barkley, Socrates Rosenfeld of iHeartJane and Canopy Rivers’ President and CEO, Narbé Alexandrian.

2.    Cannabis Economy

In the Cannabis Economy podcast, host Seth Adler takes a thoughtful and highly knowledgeable approach to engaging listeners while examining the inner workings of the cannabis industry. One of the podcast’s best qualities are its wide variety of guests, including politicians, founders, and regulators. A seasoned producer and host, Adler infuses a captivating human element to the show by asking each guest for the one song that captures the soundtrack to their life. As a music fan, I love getting to know the tastes of his prolific guests. 

3.    CannaInsider

Hosted by Matthew Kind, CannaInsider helps its listeners get a leg up on key stories and trends in the world of cannabis. Each week, Kind interviews industry leaders on hot topics such as biosynthetic cannabinoids, the CBD craze, and designer cannabis. I find that CannaInsider episodes are among the easiest ways to keep up with the biggest stories in cannabis on a weekly basis. With over 100 episodes, you can explore a treasure trove of older episodes if you’re looking to expand your industry knowledge. 

4.     Brave New Weed

Brave New Weed is another podcast that creates quality content for cannabis industry connoisseurs. Hosted by author Joe Dolce and Matthew Hendershot, discussions tackle interesting topics including how to become a cannabis sommelier. Dolce and Hendershot’s creative themes and eccentric guests ensure that the listener is always engaged and learning. 

5.     The Adam Dunn Show

Those that prefer the long form talk show format will enjoy the The Adam Dunn Show. Host Adam Dunn uses his experience as an underground cannabis pioneer with 25+ years of industry experience to tackle the most exciting topics in cannabis with a great sense of humour and strong attention to detail.

Do you listen to any of these cannabis podcasts? If so, let us know on Twitter @CanopyRiversInc, or send us a tweet with your cannabis podcast recommendations.