INVeSTOR Highlights

Leading Strategic Partner

Leading Strategic Partner

Partnership with Canopy Growth
leverages the network, expertise,
and innovation capabilities of the
world’s largest cannabis company.

Diversified Asset Base

Diversified Asset Base

Value is created through a diversified
portfolio of high quality licensed
producers, late stage applicants,
and ancillary products / brands.


Preferred Economics

Investments are tailored to support
the unique needs of each counterparty,
while achieving positive cash flow,
secured downside protection,
and upside equity optionality.


Differentiated Investment Platform

Access to an alternative investment
vehicle characterized by early entry
points, detailed counterparty due
diligence, and distinguished partners.


company higHlights 

Opportunities Evaluated
Investments Made
Implied historical return
on invested capital1
2020E attributable
EBITDA from joint ventures2
Current market value
of public and private
venture investments3
Cash for
future investments4
1Based on most recently published average analyst NAV (adjusted for capitalized G&A expenses and cash on hand).
2Represents midpoint of estimated proportionate EBITDA for joint venture investments for CY 2020 based on Investee’s projections and Canopy Rivers’ ownership stake.
3Representsindicative value for select public and private venture investments as at June 30, 2019.
4Approximately $60 MM unencumbered and available for new investments.