Calling All Cannabis Entrepreneurs!

Canopy Rivers can give your cannabis business a jump-start and help get your company and its products to market.

Could you use some extra cash on your journey as a cannabis entrepreneur?

Are you in the process of applying for a licence under the proposed Cannabis Act (Bill C-45)?

About Canopy Rivers

Canopy Rivers Corporation is a world-leading growth capital and strategic support platform focused on accelerating development of the global cannabis industry.

We know the industry needs successful players of all sizes in order to thrive – that’s why we’re calling on cannabis entrepreneurs looking for a capital infusion.

Partners of Canopy Rivers will benefit from Canopy Growth’s world-leading expertise within the emerging cannabis industry. This unique platform allows you to maintain control of your operations, develop your own unique brands and strategies, and strengthen your position within Canada’s globally leading network of emerging cannabis companies.

Interested parties should be:

  • In process of applying to Health Canada for a license under the proposed Cannabis Act (Bill C-45) in accordance with the proposed approach to the regulations of cannabis.
  • Operating in a federally legal cannabis jurisdiction

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